To make strong, or stronger.
To strengthen a place, making it defensible and more secure.
To impart physical strength or endurance to; invigorate or reinforce someone mentally or physically.

Fortify is an online support community for men and women – young and old – seeking lasting freedom from pornography. In addition to a series of instructional videos and accompanying training, Fortify offers many opportunities for individuals to share insights and stories together.

After hearing from thousands of people trying to step away from pornography we began gathering anything that had been shown to be helpful for others. We teamed up with psychologists, neurologists, therapists, and other mental health experts to create an online experience that could equip and empower a person to move away from pornography use and toward a happier life. We worked for nearly two years researching and developing. The initial course launched in 2013 was viewed by 75,000 people in 155 countries. Based on feedback from early users, the entire training, platform, and experience has been updated, revised, and expanded with extensive opportunities for interaction and growth.

Frequently Asked Questions
What does my basic subscription include?
You will be able to track your daily victories and setbacks, lifestyle contributors on a weekly level, and your overall well being on a monthly basis (depression, anxiety, connectedness, etc.) - each of which provide some basic summary stats. You can also access a portion of the training (Week 1) - and progress in the gamified levels. Along with being able to participate in a “daily discussion,” you can access SOS anytime (for immediate support), and a place to journal thoughts and create your own Freedom Plan (aiming for longer-term progress). In addition to being able to participate in monthly “Fortify chats,” you’ll be able to explore our professional directory as well.
What are the advantages of upgrading to Fortify Premium?
You will have access to all the Fortify training videos, strategies and our full resource library - including current and past webinars with experts in recovery. In addition to tracking basic stats for your daily victories and setbacks, you’ll be able to dive deeper into various correlations associated with patterns of good days and hard days. Deeper analysis will also be available for weekly lifestyle inventories and monthly surveys of depression, anxiety, connectedness and overall well-being. Any of this data can be shared with unlimited allies who you can give access - as well as send text and video messaging. The entire Fortify community (forum) is also available to you as well. (A separate payment is involved for those wanting additional support through a coach or peer group).
How long does Fortify take?
There is no set amount of time to move through Fortify. The training can be explored in whatever time frame feels comfortable. We provide a 12-week pathway as one option. We encourage people to take whatever time they need - and not to rush or go too fast. Participation in the Daily Tracker, webinars, forums, groups and in personalized coaching are open-ended – and can go as long as someone needs.
Is Fortify a kind of therapy?
No, it is not. We’re careful to respect that line – and encourage people seeking therapeutic advice to connect with a counselor or other professional. That’s why we’ve worked hard to create and launch a new professional directory as well! Our aim is to offer high-quality education, based on the best available research, and technology – combined with opportunities to interact with others seeking this same freedom. Many individuals who are working with a therapist use Fortify as a complementary tool for their overall recovery efforts.
How can I know if Fortify is right for me?
Try it out for yourself! One of the purposes of the free basic access is to give people a chance to experience Fortify directly for themselves and see if it feels like a good fit. We respect that there are many other kinds of supports that may also be very helpful. In fact, we mention many of them within Fortify to encourage people to look around for anything that can be personally impactful. We definitely want you to go with what is right for you!
Will Fortify be enough to free me from pornography?
What it takes to reach lasting freedom is often unique for diverse individuals from different backgrounds. Although we’re committed to doing everything we can to help support, encourage, and guide you in that direction, we obviously do not have the power to “make the changes” happen in your own life (or even to know what exactly those changes need to look like for you). That’s for you to find out! We're excited to be joining you on the path – whatever that looks like for you. Rather than a “program” to complete, think of Fortify more like a strengthening gym and supportive community for people with many different situations and needs.
Does Fortify take a specific philosophical approach?
While our team brings together many different perspectives on this issue, we are united in our commitment to helping people find lasting, sustainable freedom from pornography. A good way to describe our collective approach is that we’re trying to bring together any perspective or strategy that might be helpful in sparking someone’s sustainable change. We offer these approaches as educators and peers in the fight.
What is the perspective of the Fortify team on pornography addiction?
It’s a real thing. And very challenging for the people facing it. We acknowledge there are various ways and meaningful differences in how people address it. In Fortify, we attempt to make space for diverse approaches and encourage people to find what’s best for them. Since the intensity of compulsive patterns range widely, we do not assume that all individuals struggling with pornography are dealing with an actual addiction. Some that use Fortify may be struggling with an occasional habit, obsession, or compulsion. Regardless, we’ve created the Fortify training and community to be helpful across the spectrum of situations
Does Fortify offer any support or training for my spouse?
At this time, we do not provide formal training or support for spouses or other family members. That may change in the future. For now, spouses are welcome to watch any of the videos, and to provide support as an Ally. We recommend reaching out to other sources of support that can help them work through whatever challenges and difficulties they may be facing.
What if I can’t afford Fortify?
Basic access to Fortify is free for everyone - all the time. The subscription cost for Fortify Premium allows us to maintain and continually improve Fortify. For those interested in Premium access, but unable to afford it, please let us know your situation so we can explore options! You can check out our financial aid page here financial aid page here.
Am I under a contract obligation with a Premium subscription or can I cancel at anytime?
You can cancel anytime. This is true for either your basic or premium subscription. There are no hidden fine print tricks here. You can cancel by logging into your account and going to billing page in your profile. If you cancel for any reason, coming back is easy. All you need to do is sign back into your account and either active your basic account or agree to pay for your premium access. And yes, your information will be just as you left it ready to start where you left off. Or you can start again if you need a refresher.
How does Fortify ensure that my subscription is anonymous?
Fortify does not, nor would not, share any user information – with industry standard data security protections in place. At sign-up, all we need connected to you personally is a working email address. You can use a pseudonym if you prefer. The username you create upon signing up also doesn’t have to identify you in any way and will be the only way the community will see you. If you sign-up for a Fortify group or coach, they will only know you by your custom username as well. Lastly, your bank statements will show charges from Impact Collective, LLC not Fortify.
How do I get in touch with the Fortify team?
Send us a note! We’re reachable at info@joinfortify.com. After logging in, you can also find us in the bottom left corner anytime you need. We look forward to hearing from you.