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As part of our exclusive collaboration with Fight The New Drug, we are proud to present Fortify, your personalized companion on the journey to freedom. Join thousands of individuals who have found the strength to break free from the grip of pornography addiction.

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Fortify sparks lasting change

Among those consistently using Fortify, over 90% report that it has significantly helped them move toward more lasting change.

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56% improvement in compulsive patterns

From an independent review by researchers at the University of Alberta and Utah State University in 2021. The closer people get to lasting sobriety the more their lives, work and family begin to flourish.

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A Message from Our CEO

"The good news is that you don't have to struggle with pornography forever. The research is clear, there are small, simple adjustments in your life that can have a measurable impact on your overall mental health and your ability to overcome compulsive behaviors. I'd say that is spectacular news!"

CEO and Founder, Fortify

Convenient access to licensed professionals.

Teletherapy and coaching. We make it easy for individuals to connect with a therapist. Users can choose from a nationwide network of professionals and set up an appointment that works for them, all from a single smartphone app. It’s safe, secure, and personalized.

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Predictive Insights.

Fortify is the 1st mental wellness platform to offer personalized predictive insights that help users take control of their mental and behavioral health journey.

• Uncovering hidden trends
• Discovering encouraging correlations
• Revealing personalized predictors

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Tailored guidance and training.

Unique needs require unique tools. People facing specific challenges are hungry for specific guidance and connection with others who are facing similar issues. We directly address addiction and behavioral health issues, offering a unique community with a tailored curriculum.

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Why choose Fortify?

Accountability can play a wonderful role in a path of healing. There are many other lifestyle shifts that can help catalyze more recovery and progress to lasting freedom. Bringing these two together can spark powerful new momentum.

Science-Based Support

Our app is grounded in the latest research and evidence-based techniques for overcoming addiction. We provide you with the tools, knowledge, and resources to spark more lasting healing. You'll have access to expertly crafted lessons, interactive exercises, and ongoing tracking to help celebrate progress and identify ways to improve.

Confidentiality and Compassion

We recognize that this kind of a struggle is personal and sensitive. Your privacy is hugely important to us - and central to what we do. And because we know what this journey is like, we offer an atmosphere that is both supportive and empathetic.

Personalized Guidance

We believe in a personalized approach that takes into account your unique circumstances and challenges. From educational journeys tailored to specific needs to tracking that isolates personal weaknesses, we're here to hold your hand in finding steps uniquely suited to your background.

Multifaceted Healing

Fortify focuses on more than just quitting pornography. We look at all the underlying areas that could be playing a role - with an aim of helping you develop a life you wouldn’t want disrupted in any way. Our comprehensive program incorporates strategies for personal growth, healthy relationships, and developing emotional resilience.

"I tried and tried to stop… but I was missing a key component that Fortify has given me. Fellowship! It opened my eyes to the drastic effects this addiction had on my life. With encouragement from other users I was able to conquer my addiction and am now confidently un-addicted and living my best life so I could not thank you enough. I will continue to recommend Fortify to anybody battling porn addiction.”


Fortify Participant

Why Fortify?

To gather around you extra support and tools to catalyze your journey towards deeper healing and more lasting freedom.

Daily Tracking

Discover informative patterns from analyzing your healing/recovery data across weeks and months.


Monitor adjustments you’re making in key lifestyle areas, along with long-term outcomes in overall well-being.

Private Journal

Record your thoughts and experiences efficiently along the way through a completely private, personal journal.

Real-Life Allies

Invite people you trust in your own life to follow your healing progress so they can provide additional support and encouragement.

Personalized Insights

Receive real-time statistics showing measurable improvements, areas needing attention, and factors correlated with your progress.

Global Community

Share strength, hope, and questions with people all around the world facing the same challenges and seeking the same healing.

Digital Courses

Learn creative strategies and practical skills while getting updated on the latest science of recovery and healing.

Wellness Plan

Explore personal vulnerabilities and strengths on your way to establishing a unique plan to promote deeper healing.

Mindful Practices

Access guided meditations helping you learn how to work through difficult emotions and respond calmly in hard moments.


In a difficult moment, reach out for different kinds of immediate guidance, support, and encouragement.


Celebrate even small steps of healing with coins, badges, avatars and level statuses that help you celebrate your progress along the way.

Digital Coaching

Sign-up for extra one-on-one coaching support from a specialist in different lifestyle areas proven to make a difference in finding deeper healing and freedom.

Fortify Success Stories

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4.9 / 5

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Fortify is Changing Lives

"Fortify is really a one of a kind app, that has not only assured me I can overcome my addiction but has also allowed me to know a whole lot more about myself by its thought provoking questions & lessons. The activities at end of each lesson are amazing. Presently, I have no complaints but only praise. Thanks a lot, Fortify team. You are really changing lives of countless people."


Female customer

Quality Content

"Honestly the app seems amazing so far. Really surprised by the quality of content and service for free. Not saying that lightly either. I already left a good review. Love the sense of community you guys got. Still finding my bearings but loving the app so far."


Male customer

"Fortify has been amazing. I love the community stuff and it has been a huge encouragement to help overcome struggles with porn. It has also given some very handy tools and practical explanations."


Male customer

"What I really like about Fortify is that I am not alone in my fight. But literally being connected to that community is a different experience altogether! I really feel optimistic that I can finally beat it!"


Female customer

"In my opinion, Fortify is as good as an online platform can get. It helped me a lot during difficult times, and although I had setbacks… I would get back up and work out the reason why I had the setback."


Male customer

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