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A New Fortify!

Based on extensive feedback from Fortify users, we've been hard at work developing a new platform and app. And it's finally here!

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Try the All-New Fortify App!

Join tens of thousands of users in over 155 countries who are overcoming pornography.

What’s New with Fortify

The new Fortify now has real-time community interaction and offers a chance to brainstorm questions and challenges coming up. We have also expanded and updated our training videos that explore many additional issues and concerns. Although the original platform will remain available to former users, we’re excited to see what you think of the new Fortify experience. Check out everything we’ve added.

Full Mobile App

Finally, a full mobile experience! Soon, everything we offer on desktop will be available through our new custom mobile app, available on both Android and iOs.


Customize your own dashboard to include the most meaningful data that both reflects and supports your progress.


Our new forum is a comfortable and confidential place to brainstorm ideas and share experiences with others facing this same struggle.

Updated Training

We’ve updated the curriculum with engaging and powerful content to help you move toward sustainable healing.

Deeper Dives

For those looking to dig deeper into a specific topic or area in the training, additional content is provided.


You can now control what information your ally can access through their own personalized ally dashboard.

User Messaging

One-on-one messaging is now available for those who invite Allies, as well as those who sign up for a personal coach or group.


Celebrate and track your achievements along the way through Badges, Coins, Points, and Ranks.


The Daily Tracker now allows you to set a custom date-range to better analyze your progress.

Support Groups And Coaching

Adults looking for additional support and accountability can consider signing up for a personal recovery coach or a weekly, video-based, support group.


Discover underlying vulnerabilities and measure progress through personalized metrics and inventories.


Our new resource library includes an array of additional support articles, videos, and other resources we've gathered for your convenience.


Tune in live to learn from a variety of experts from clinical and research backgrounds and listen to personal success stories.

Transfer your daily tracker data and journal entries over to the new Fortify.
You can always come back to the old Fortify.
Frequently Asked Questions
Why Two Platforms?
After years of feedback and study, it became clear that the emerging vision of Fortify's future would require an entirely new platform with a much more robust level of interactivity and support. As a way to honor your participation in the original platform, those who want to try the new Fortify will receive special discounted pricing. And, of course, if you would prefer continuing to progress on the original platform, you are more than welcome to do so by continuing to login here.
If I was part of the old Fortify, will I have to pay for the new platform?
If you are between the ages of 13-17, the answer is still no. Thanks to the contributions of adults, we are able to offer the Fortify experience to youth for free. For those 18 years or older who previously signed up on the old Fortify platform, we will be offering special discounted rates for each subscription level. And for those interested in a one time "forever access" experience, we have discounted that cost by $50 to honor your earlier contribution.
Why have the age ranges for the free youth accounts changed?
In the original Fortify platform, there was no way for users to interact with one another and share ideas. The new Fortify platform involves several ways to interact with others and has additional training specific to maturity level. Due to these and other legal reasons, it became important to classify 18-year-olds and above as adult users rather than clustering them with teen users.
Will the old Fortify platform still be available?
You bet! If you previously had access to the old Fortify platform and app and would like to stay with that version, you can.
Will my progress migrate over to the new platform?
Individuals who would like to migrate their Daily Tracker and Journal data over to the new platform can do so by following this link. Due to fairly significant changes to the new curriculum, your program progress will not be migrated. We invite you to dive back in and check out the new content.
Isn't the new platform just a software upgrade?
The New Fortify is much more than a software upgrade. Compared to a software upgrade, where the same technology is improved, updated and tweaked, the new Fortify platform is a total rebuild from top to bottom. While we've drawn lots of insights from the original platform, the entire experience (design, user experience, feature-set, curriculum) has been re-imagined and revamped.
Transfer your daily tracker data and journal entries over to the new Fortify.
You can always come back to the old Fortify.