How Fortify Works

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What’s New with Fortify

The new Fortify now has real-time community interaction and offers a chance to brainstorm questions and challenges coming up. We have also expanded and updated our training videos that explore many additional issues and concerns. Although the original platform will remain available to former users, we’re excited to see what you think of the new Fortify experience. Check out everything we’ve added.

Full Mobile App

Finally, a full mobile experience! Soon, everything we offer on desktop will be available through our new custom mobile app, available on both Android and iOs.


Customize your own dashboard to include the most meaningful data that both reflects and supports your progress.


Our new forum is a comfortable and confidential place to brainstorm ideas and share experiences with others facing this same struggle.

Updated Training

We’ve updated the curriculum with engaging and powerful content to help you move toward sustainable healing.

Deeper Dives

For those looking to dig deeper into a specific topic or area in the training, additional content is provided.


You can now control what information your ally can access through their own personalized ally dashboard.

User Messaging

One-on-one messaging is now available for those who invite Allies, as well as those who sign up for a personal coach or group.


Celebrate and track your achievements along the way through Badges, Coins, Points, and Ranks.


The Daily Tracker now allows you to set a custom date-range to better analyze your progress.

Support Groups And Coaching

Adults looking for additional support and accountability can consider signing up for a personal recovery coach or a weekly, video-based, support group.


Discover underlying vulnerabilities and measure progress through personalized metrics and inventories.


Our new resource library includes an array of additional support articles, videos, and other resources we've gathered for your convenience.


Tune in live to learn from a variety of experts from clinical and research backgrounds and listen to personal success stories.