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Daily Tracking

Track daily victories and setbacks to discover patterns and valuable insights.

Training at Your Own Pace

Gain encouraging insights and practical tips through Fortify's comprehensive training and expert Q&A sessions.

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Share Strength and Hope

Find unique support and encouragement by joining with others seeking the same freedom, asking questions and brainstorming challenges together.

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Celebrate Positive Steps

Through daily tracking data, weekly lifestyle inventories, and positive outcome measurements, Fortify explores and reports on a wide range of analytics that document trends in your overall progress.

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Become A Better You

Join tens of thousands of users in over 155 countries who are overcoming pornography.


Fortify users report an 85% decrease in depressive symptoms.


Over 90% reported that Fortify helped move them toward longer-term change.


Users report an 88% reduction in porn use.

What Others Are Saying About Fortify

"There is a lot of good research and material in Fortify and it allows one to keep good track of everything happening. It's helping me make changes in my life and that's what it's there for."
Male User
"I would say the webinars are my favorite part of Fortify. Each and every webinar is engaging, with both the professional conversations and the Fortify chats giving me energy and motivation to fight! The surveys also help me reflect on my progress in all aspects, not only in recovery!"
Male User
"The new Fortify has been incredibly helpful for me to find freedom and I've seen the results of applying what I've learned. Also, I really like how the forum lets you seek help and give it to those who are in need of advice."
Male User
"Fortify is awesome, it has helped me a lot! Although I didn’t achieve my goal so far, it is the best tool that I’ve ever encountered. It’s not my first attempt to quit but, so far, it has been the best."
Male User
"Fortify has been amazing. I love the community stuff and it has been a huge encouragement to help overcome struggles with porn. It has also given some very handy tools and practical explanations."
Male User
"What I really like about the new platform is that I knew I am not alone in my fight. I knew it earlier as well. But literally being connected to that community is a different experience altogether! I really feel optimistic that I can finally beat it!"
Female User