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We have created a unique experience just for teenagers. Along with our Clinical Advisory Board, we have created specific content and training that is both appropriate and helpful for teenagers.

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Yes. You can quit porn
for good!


Global Community

Share and read about experiences with other teens facing similar challenges. Many of our users credit Fortify for providing fellowship. With encouragement from other users you can conquer the anything and confidently live your best life.



We have created a truly unique curriculum that has been proven to help teens facing the grips of pornography. We help you learn creative strategies and practical skills while getting updated on the latest science of recovery and healing.

Daily Tracking

Discover informative patterns by analyzing your healing/recovery data across weeks and months.


Monitor adjustments you’re making in key lifestyle areas, along with long-term outcomes in overall well-being.

Private Journal

Record your thoughts and experiences efficiently along the way through a completely private, personal journal.

Real-Life Allies

Invite people you trust in your own life to follow your healing progress so they can provide additional support and encouragement.

Personalized Insights

Receive real-time statistics showing measurable improvements, areas needing attention, and factors correlated with your progress.

Wellness Plan

Explore personal vulnerabilities and strengths on your way to establishing a unique plan to promote deeper healing.

Mindful Practices

Access guided meditations helping you learn how to work through difficult emotions and respond calmly in hard moments.


In a difficult moment, reach out for different kinds of immediate guidance, support, and encouragement.


Celebrate even small steps of healing with coins, badges, avatars and level statuses that help you celebrate your progress along the way.

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What Teens are Saying
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Fellowship & Encouragement

"Thank you for working with the intent to help others lives and you have most certainly helped mine. I tried and tried to stop … but I was missing a key component that this app gave me. Fellowship. It opened my eyes to the drastic effects this addiction had on my life and with encouragement from other users I was able to conquer my addiction and am now confidently un-addicted and living my best life so I could not thank you enough. I will continue to recommend this app to anybody battling porn addiction."


Teen customer

Renewing my Hope

Fortify has given me hope, and keeps renewing that hope over and over again. It has shown me that I am more than just this, I can overcome it with time and effort. I've seen that setbacks don't have to bring us down, they can be a tool to help us bounce back up until we no longer need them to stay up. Thank you for this app, and thank you for giving me a scholarship into this program, I know that it can help me track my progress and show me the rewards I can reap from diligent hard work. I know that I can continue to gain knowledge on this problem through this app and turn my weakness into a strength."


Teen customer

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